Helping Families Get Back on Their Feet

The LYKE Association brings together licensed hair stylists and barbers to provide haircuts to veterans and low-income women and children without homes. We exist to improve the well-being and dignity of people without homes who are striving to get back on their feet.

It’s more than a haircut. For those in need, a haircut can mean:

  • A sense of dignity and self-confidence
  • Readiness for job interviews and employment
  • A listening ear
  • Social connection
  • Kindness and compassion
  • A sense of hope

In addition to hosting regular events at local organizations that provide temporary housing, we return every few weeks, often serving the same people as they work toward a better life. This lets people know they can count on us to be there.

“Together we can make a positive impact in people’s lives by building their confidence and self-esteem through compassion, community, and caring service.” — Benjamin Kyle Brozman, Founder