You can help the LYKE Association reach more women, children, and veterans living in transitional housing. Please click on the DONATE button below to donate securely through PayPal.

When you donate, a portion of the funds are used to purchase supplies for stylists and barbers. We bring complete supply kits to each event. With each new kit, we’re able to accommodate more dedicated volunteers which allows us to schedule more events and ultimately expand our reach to neighboring counties.

Another key component of our work is building social connection. To do this, donated funds allow us to bring food to our events. Think back on all the times you’ve shared a good meal or even a croissant and coffee with your family or friends. Food is a bonding experience, and it lets us know that we’re connected and included. Our events often take place from 11 am to 2 pm, a perfect time for lunch. We focus on healthy yet tasty offerings.

The LYKE Association also has modest administrative costs which are the bedrock of our existence. Web hosting fees, for example, allow us to find new, dedicated volunteers and event sites.