Our Impact

The LYKE Association has a positive impact on the well-being and confidence of those in need. People who have received a visit from the LYKE Association experience a variety of positive outcomes, but 100% report at least one positive outcome, and most experience multiple benefits.

When asked how the services made them feel, here are some of the things clients have said:

“Helped to raise my self-confidence”

“The workers of LYKE are nice, caring people that make you feel good about yourself, and always put a smile on your face. Thanx!”

“Ready to go get a job. Starting looking this afternoon”

“very good experience”

“I was very pleased with the work yall did. Thank you for your time and a great haircut. You all were very friendly.”

“LYKE is a ‘GREAT’ association. Very nice people that always do an awesome job! Thank You to All of You!”

“Great fast exactly what I wanted”

“Excellent haircut and service. Enjoyed it.”

“The program helps to raise my self-esteem”

“Very good job! Comfortable. Enjoyable.”

“Special. Like something I know I can’t afford was provided to me and I’m excited to say the least”

“Like a new person”

“The volunteer stylist were amazing, very friendly”

“I was very glad to have the service provided to me”

“The people who came were very intent to listen to the way I wanted it cut. I was very pleased in the end! Thank you very much!”

“Very important. He asked a lot of questions”

“The service was awesome”

“Very satisfied. Michelle was amazing.”

“I feel great! And received a great hair cut!”

“LYKE has very nice employee personnel (caring).”

“Keep caring. It’s greatly appreciated.”