Who We Serve

We primarily serve individuals and families living in shelters and transitional housing. At these sites, we’re able to provide regular care every few weeks and get to know each person. The LYKE Association has also participated in collaborative events, such as Back to School events for low–income families.

We currently work with sites throughout Brevard County in Central Florida. With the help of donations and volunteers, we will expand beyond Brevard in 2020.

Each Person Has a Story

The individuals served by LYKE have diverse backgrounds, but each has experienced hardship, loss, and isolation. Some have experienced domestic violence. Others have struggled with substance abuse. Post-traumatic stress is common, and for some, the cause was exposure to violence during war. We are continuously humbled by the stories of adversity and perseverance shared with us by those we’ve served.

One Step at a Time

Homelessness is an urgent issue in Florida. The numbers can be daunting. A report by Continuums of Care made to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in January 2018 estimated that 31,030 individuals are homeless in the state of Florida on any given day. This includes 2757 families and 2543 Veterans. In the 2016-2017 school year, 72,042 public school students experienced homelessness in Florida.

In Brevard County alone, a 2017 study found 845 homeless, including 187 Veterans. Many local organizations (including our partners) are striving to reduce these numbers. By working together with other agencies and service providers, we hope to see more individuals and families move into permanent housing and begin a new life.